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High Country News December 20, 2010

California Dreamin'


California's Tangled Water Politics

Will there ever be enough water in California's Bay Delta to satisfy farmers, keep fish alive and quench the thirst of millions of people?


The BLM's conservation experiment

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar tells the BLM to get serious about managing the National Landscape Conservation System.

Sportsmen protest New Mexico antelope hunting system

New Mexico's system for doling out licenses to hunt pronghorn gets a poor grade from the state’s hunters.

Anatomy of a medusahead invasion

Medusahead, an invasive grass, is set to take over the West.

Coyotes move into Colorado's Front Range

Urban communities on Colorado's Front Range are trying to cope with an influx of coyotes.

State trust lands serve public

Some Western states still fund their schools partly through their state trust lands.

Editor's Note

Diving deeper into the Bay Delta

High Country News reporter Matt Jenkins gets his boots muddy writing about California's crazy water politics in the Bay Delta.

Dear Friends

May your holidays be bright

High Country News takes Christmas break; visitors on wheels, recent books by HCN writers; corrections.

Uncommon Westerners

Activist brings diversity to green orgs

Marcelo Bonta's Center for Diversity & the Environment works to bring people of color into the environmental movement.

Book Reviews

Excavating John

Kate Niles' wry and compassionate novel The Book of John tracks the travails of an archaeologist named John Gregory Wayne Thompson.

Infinite problems, small solutions

In The Fate of Nature, Alaskan reporter Charles Wohlforth ponders how to save the planet, starting with Alaska.


A long journey home

The Winnemem Wintu Tribe wants to return salmon to California's McCloud River by bringing back the fish’s descendents, now in New Zealand.

Teaching Whitney to cook

An environmental educator discovers a rewarding way to help the planet -- teaching a young woman how to cook.

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