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Sticks, stones, and enviros

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The term "environmentalist," or its more derogatory abbreviation "enviros" (HCN, 11/09/09), and -- most derogatory of all -- "en-varmint-alist" (HCN, 11/23/09) is used far too often in HCN without a counterpoint term for those who would place their own economic gain over the good of all. So I'd like to introduce a term for those individuals and corporations: privateers. In an effort to be fair and balanced, I have seen HCN venerate privateers as part of the American way -- rugged individualists who provide jobs and feed the world. Privateers would have us believe that without regulation, they would respect the land and make sure it was productive and healthy for their grandchildren's grandchildren. Sure, there are ranchers, developers and resource extraction companies who are trying to do the right thing, but they are far overshadowed by their selfish counterparts, raping, pillaging and moving on. If you are uncomfortable using the term "privateers," then I would respectfully request you replace the term "environmentalist" with "concerned citizens" in future issues.

Kim Wells
Atascadero, California

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