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High Country News February 01, 2010

'The environment ... is where we live'


'The environment ... is where we live'

A group of determined activists in Mountain View, N.M., fights for environmental justice in a poor and polluted neighborhood.

The Shot Heard Round the West

Twenty years after the SouthWest Organizing Project accused conservation groups of ignoring environmental justice, diversity in the movement remains elusive.


Dangerous game

Western game wardens are hampered by huge territories, increased responsibilities and continuing budget cuts.

Editor's Note

Still evolving 40 years later

High Country News continues to evolve along with the conservation movement itself, especially in the thorny area of environmental justice.

Dear Friends

Catch-and-release at HCN

New HCN interns Nick Neely, Lisa Song and Rachel Waldholz; former intern Cally Carswell returns; Marty Durlin leaves HCN to write plays; and thoroughly chilled visitors.

Book Reviews

Finding freedom in Yosemite

Shelton Johnson's novel Gloryland traces the adventurous life of Elijah Yancy, a young man of black and Indian heritage, who roams the West in the 19th century.

How the West was really won

Paul VanDevelder digs into the rotten core of the American experience in his new book, Savages & Scoundrels: The Untold Story of America's Road to Empire through Indian Territory.


Drive that Hummer

If you could find a Hummer that got perfect gas mileage and didn’t pollute, would you be willing to get behind the wheel?


The easy way to purify our geography

We can't change the names of places that were named for scoundrels, but we can change their namesakes.

Two Weeks in the West

Poltertics, 2010

"They're ba-a-ackk!": Enviro-boogeymen return from the dead as Republicans like Richard Pombo seek a comeback.

How it Works

Ancient conversations

Archaeologist Carol Patterson works with Ute tribal elder Clifford Duncan to interpret the enigmatic patterns in Southwestern rock art.


The Group of 10 respond

Two decades after the SWOP letter, the big environmental groups report their progress on the issue of environmental justice.

The grammar of picture writing

Researcher Levan Martineau made possible the work of archaeologist Carol Patterson when he used universal Native American sign language to decode the meanings embedded in petroglyphs.

The SWOP letter

The letter sent 20 years ago by the SouthWest Organizing Project sparked a reaction from the big greens, who have sought to partner with more diverse groups and include more people of color in their staffs, boards and membership.

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