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High Country News September 03, 2010



Still Cranish After All These Years

A specimen of Homo sapiens sapiens considers evolution and becoming a crane.


Lumbering along, barely

The timber from Colorado's beetle-killed trees is not finding much of a market.

Beyond beefalo

New technology finds cattle DNA lurking in bison once thought purebred.

Editor's Note

On the wing

This special "books and essays" issue circles around the theme of migration.

Dear Friends

Skipped issue

High Country News skips a September issue; visitors; corrections.

Uncommon Westerners

Daniel Orozco is out of the office

In Moscow, Idaho, Daniel Orozco writes darkly funny short stories that flirt with the macabre.

What was and what is

In Anchorage, Alaska, Inupiaq poet Joan Kane dreams of the uninhabited island where her ancestors lived.

Road warrior

Ted Conover talks about roads in life and writing.

Book Reviews

Fall books, from steampunk to conservation science

There's a good harvest of new books by Western writers.

Wait until darkness

In his debut novel, The Wilding, Benjamin Percy captures our ambiguous attitudes toward the natural world.

How we got to this place

In Driving on the Rim, Thomas McGuane creates a dark picaresque novel.

Nature and cities in context

In Cities and Nature in the American West, environmental historians dissect the relationship between the urban West and the natural landscape.

Of history and home

Poet and novelist Leslie Marmon Silko serves up a place-based memoir in The Turquoise Ledge.

Taking stock

Annie Proulx's memoir Bird Cloud and Gary Snyder's book-and-film project, The Etiquette of Freedom, unveil the private lives of two iconic Western writers.


The Terrain of This Ambition

A writer wrestles with the huge shadows cast by the men and women of “Literary Utah.”

The Second Second City

A native Chicagoan who now lives in Montana goes searching for New Chicago, Mont.

The Western Lit Blues

A Western writer is tired of being typecast as a Western writer.

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