Border creep

  • Michel Marizco

Surrendering U.S. turf : That's the impression given by new signs on some Bureau of Land Management land in southern Arizona. The signs -- which warn people to avoid the area south of Interstate 8 -- were installed after a local sheriff's deputy was reportedly shot by a Mexican drug trafficker in late April. "We have not closed BLM lands," says the BLM's Dennis Godfrey, but "our law enforcement people have seen activity that concerns them." The signs are especially ironic given that, for years, the U.S. has posted travel warnings for citizens headed into Mexico. And it's yet more evidence that authorities have lost control of U.S. land along the border, essentially acknowledging that drug- and immigrant-worker smugglers are in charge.

Crime /= Mexico
Tedra Osell
Tedra Osell
Jul 15, 2010 12:30 PM
I have a problem with the idea that because the BLM is warning (law-abiding) Americans out of the area, it's somehow no longer American. Cross-border drug traffic is an American problem as well as a Mexican one. The implication of this article is that organized crime = Mexico when in fact Americans are as involved as Mexicans. Drug smuggling is an international (and anti-national) problem; this isn't "border creep," it's more like a high-crime area that happens to be near an international border.
Being politically correct won't help.
Seldom Seen Smith
Seldom Seen Smith
Jul 17, 2010 07:56 AM
Call it a "high crime area" if you want. Call it Mexico, call it Detroit, call it the DMZ, the fact remains we are losing land and much of it is amazing Sonoran desert wilderness. I used to take my family to Organ Pipe or Carbaza Prieta every winter but started my own "south of I-8 ban" about eight years ago after a National Park Ranger was shot and killed.

I'm not blaming any one specific group. I'm just mourning that we've surrendered some of the most beautiful wilderness in the world without a fight.
giving up the commons
Greg Rupert
Greg Rupert
Jul 20, 2010 01:50 PM
address the legalization of the drugs and the humans perhaps, but dont give my land away like this.
 The flood of immigration is by design, creating cheap labor and a wedge issue to keep us all angry at one another. The implementation of NAFTA created a flood of hard working people merely looking for a way to feed thier families by coming north.
 The subsidized agriculture in the US has ruined the lives of several million small farmers in Mexico who used to be able to support thier families with organic farming methods for centuries