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High Country News July 19, 2010

The Ute Paradox


The Ute Paradox

The Southern Utes overcame poverty and oppression to become a wealthy and powerful tribe with nationwide energy holdings.


The fight for the Flathead

During the Western Governors' Association meeting in Whitefish, Mont., journalists and dignitaries flew over the threatened landscape around Glacier National Park.

Border creep

The BLM has put up signs warning tourists to avoid the area south of Interstate 8, where drug smugglers roam.

Buy buy ballot

Although most Nevadans seemed in favor of a hardrock mining tax increase, an initiative that proposed to do just that never made it to the ballot.

Case in point

Archaeologist Bonnie Pitblado uses a program modeled on Antiques Roadshow to introduce scientists to the artifacts collected by Westerners.

How to return a pot

The BLM offers advice for those who decide to return pilfered artifacts.

Dust takes a toll

The increasing clouds of dust in the West are affecting the region’s health, snow cover, rainfall and even climate.

Editor's Note

The HCN mix

High Country News will continue to cover important Western issues, and yet make room for lighter pieces about the region's culture and communities.

Dear Friends

HCN rocks with eTown

ETown will honor High Country News at a concert by Lyle Lovett and Taj Mahal; new interns Denver Nicks, Emilene Ostlind and Adam Petry.

Uncommon Westerners

Seeing the triceratops for the trees

Paleontologist Kirk Johnson works with artist Jan Vriesen to create vividly realized landscapes of what Colorado looked like millions of years ago.

Book Reviews

Peril in paradise

In The Light in High Places, naturalist Joe Hutto considers Wyoming wilderness, bighorn sheep, cowboys and other rare Western species.

An example and an antidote

In Imagination in Place, his new collection of essays, writer/farmer/poet Wendell Berry shares some of his honest wisdom and sharp-eyed observations.


Turning back the tide

A volunteer naturalist describes the unique beauty -- and fragility -- of California's Elkhorn Slough Reserve.


The Southern Utes' empire

Maps reveal the amount of land the tribe lost over the years -- and show how huge its current business empire had become.

Some of the key players

Leonard Burch, Sam Maynes, Bob Zahradnik and John Jurrius have all helped the Southern Utes build their energy empire.

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