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High Country News June 21, 2010

Immersed in the Wild


Immersed in the Wild

Edwin Dobb's cold swims in San Francisco Bay, Puget Sound and other Western waters bring him into contact with whales and other aquatic wildlife, as well as hidden currents and storms.

Bloody Mystery Lingers in the Desert

The unsolved murder of rancher Robert Krentz adds to the already-high tension along the Arizona-Mexico border.


Health studies gas up

A small western Colorado town will be the subject of a study looking at the health impacts of natural gas.

The oil spill's upshot

The tragic BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could help the environmental movement, if greens act wisely.

Rapid runoff

Recent dust storms have caused Colorado's snowpack to melt even faster than usual.

Into the wild

Rue Mapp's group Outdoor Afro encourages black people to explore nature and learn about things like bird-watching.

Libby's lethal numbers

The toll of the asbestos disaster in Libby, Mont., keeps growing.

Fish face-off

A proposal to ban gillnets in Oregon has commercial fishermen up in arms.

Ranger danger?

HCN investigates whether violence against National Park Service employees is increasing.

Editor's Note

Eccentricity and wildness

Western eccentrics are found underwater as well as in the high country.

Dear Friends

Summertime slowdown

High Country News skips an issue; visitors; Evelyn Schlatter's book Aryan Cowboys tackles militia movement; correction and clarification.

So long, Paonia

Jonathan Thompson, High Country News's former editor-in-chief, is moving to Germany with his family.

Uncommon Westerners

An infestation of the imagination, in a bark beetle lab

Reagan McGuire uses the lessons he learned as a pool shark to tackle the problem of rampaging bark beetles.

Book Reviews

Compassionate listening, fierce conversation

Photographer Meredith Ogilby and writer Corinne Platt interview 49 Western "heavy-lifters" in their new book, Voices of the American West.

Life in a doomed dome

In Dreaming the Biosphere, Rebecca Reider looks into the story behind the failed Arizona experiment.


Guns -- and none

A woman who grew up with guns goes on to a life without them.

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