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It's a thin line between law and hate

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My May 10 issue arrived with two references to the recent Arizona bill signed into law regarding enforcement of federal immigration laws.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's quote about the authors of the bill not representing Arizona is simply not true. Fact: Over 70 percent of Arizonans supported the bill. Apparently both Phil Gordon and the editors of HCN would like to portray the 4.6 million Arizonans that supported the bill as "… bitter, small-minded, and full of hate." This bill only asks that Arizona law enforcement incorporate and enforce federal immigration law. Please, enlighten me as to what is so hateful about enforcing federal law?

The editorial cartoon wasn't very honest either. It showed two Arizona state highway patrolmen, holding up a color swatch against a dark-skinned driver in a convertible, the implication being that the driver was pulled over based on the color of his skin. Again, not true. Fact: SB 1070 only directs police officers to question someone when they have "reasonable suspicion" to believe that the person is in the U.S. illegally and even then only after being stopped for breaking another law.

Laurie Herring
Mesa, Arizona

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