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High Country News June 07, 2010

One Tough Sucker


One Tough Sucker

Human beings are the greatest threat -- and the only hope -- for the Colorado River's razorback sucker.


Yellowstone bison: Hazed and confused

A decade-old Yellowstone management plan isn't doing much for wandering bison, or for the ranchers it's meant to protect.

Limbo land: Brownfields for green energy

Across the West, contaminated landscapes are becoming home to renewable energy projects.

Bracing for white nose syndrome

A deadly fungus that causes white nose syndrome in bats is slowly moving closer to the West.

A boring diagram

An extraordinary 1,500-ton machine will create a new water intake from drought-stricken Lake Mead to thirsty Las Vegas

Editor's Note

Dust in the wind and the water

Dust storms are mucking up the Rocky Mountains' snowpack, but a few fish like the razorback sucker thrive in spring’s muddy waters.

Dear Friends

HCN's key numbers: 3, 170, 20

High Country News board meeting discusses finances; we get a four-star charity rating; Auden Schendler wins awards

Uncommon Westerners

New world, new canvas

Joxe Mallea-Olaetxe traces Basque history in arborglyphs on Western aspen trees.

Book Reviews

Stories from the shadow sides

The short stories in Aryn Kyle's Boys and Girls Like You and Me are threaded by themes of solitude and unrest.

Notes from a Wyoming sheepwagon

Laura Bell's new memoir, Claiming Ground, tells of her years spent working as a Wyoming sheepherder.


Nature illiteracy

Many hikers are obsessed about correct identification of flora and fauna, but a stalwart few are fine with simply seeing a bird as a bird.


Everyone benefits from Indian education

An innovative Montana program brings Native American culture and history into the state's classrooms.


Net losses

There are four endangered fish in the Colorado River: the Colorado pikeminnow, bonytail, humpback chub and razorback sucker.

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