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High Country News August 21, 1995


HCN's founder fights his last fight, yet again

HCN founder Tom Bell fights the proposed Altamont gas pipeline, which he says would harm the historic Oregon Trail at South Pass.

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Senior editor Ray Ring leaves HCN and Paonia for Bozeman, Mont.


'Green' professor cleared in Wyoming

University of Wyoming law professor Mark Squillace is cleared of charges that his work with environmental groups misused university facilities.

A Western senator hears from his constituents

New Mexico Republican Sen. Pete Domenici agrees to revise his Livestock Grazing Act after sportsmen, environmentalists and the media raise an outcry against it.

No takers for torched timber

The timber industry shows no interest in buying cheap, burned timber in salvage sales.

Pictures worth 2,000 words

Emery County, Utah, hires art restorers to remove graffiti from prehistoric rock art in Buckhorn Wash.

Higher pay for hotter jobs?

Union organizer Kenny Harrell wants better pay for federal wildland fire crews.

Festering Idaho mine to be cleaned; others remain

Four mining companies agree to pay the $50 million cost of cleaning up toxic runoff from the defunct Blackbird Mine.

Nobody's home in resort towns

The vacancy rate in Colorado resort towns grows as more houses are bought for seldom-used second homes.

Hikers find bomb in wilderness

A pipe bomb discovered by hikers in July marks the fourth time a bomb or explosive has been found in the Gila Wilderness in the past 13 months.

Book Reviews

Organizing takes time

Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Interaction Union gets off to a slow start organizing in Santa Fe, N.M.

Sharp edge of the West

New bimonthly magazine "Edging West" is reviewed.

Breaking the law for trees

Citizens Against Lawless Logging protest emergency salvage timber sales in Montana.

Better range, better cows

Improving Rangeland Production conference set for Sept. 11 in Delta, Colo.

Broads say: Take a hike

Great Old Broads for Wilderness plans hikes in support of America's Redrock Wilderness Act.

Losing the border blues

The quarterly "Workbook" takes a look at Mexican and American border communities' environmental problems after NAFTA.

Save the Sonoran

Group Sonoran North fights development north of Phoenix, Ariz.

Short takes

Montana's Environmental Information Center meets Sept. 23. Oregon's Natural Desert Association hosts Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge Fence-Out, Aug. 24-27.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West

Camping on Green River 20 years, hog raising in Clark County, Wash., Arizona shows what it can do, federal land managers shoot guns rarely, porcupine race in Oregon, pity poor Texas, rodeo cowboys' unions, RV hardships.


Small town, quirky lives

Former intern Auden Schendler recalls life at "Intern Acres" in Paonia.

HCN's tough underbelly

Former HCN interns share memories and offer updates on their lives since the paper.

Related Stories

Tom Bell

Tom Bell calls the Altamont pipeline "a disgraceful example of government integrity gone awry."

Is Altamont historic, too?

Tom Bell and the Friends of South Pass seek to preserve the area as a National Rural Historic Landscape.

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