Let's paint Wal-Marts


I was inspired by the report on public art in Salt Lake City ("Breaking Down Walls, With Art"), but have to ask, does not the medium -- structures about to be demolished -- reinforce the notion, at least subliminally, that art is worthless (HCN, 3/16 & 3/30/09)?

So much of our everyday living environment is composed of artificial eyesores that remain in place for years and decades -- could we not focus public art on these areas instead? What have we got to lose? And if some of the results are ugly, we can simply rework them.

Then we could reserve the demolition projects for political art -- focused on, say, racism, domestic abuse, war, and other stuff we want to rid from our planet -- and raise money to support more public art by selling tickets to wrecking day.

Dave Gaillard
Bozeman, Montana