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High Country News September 14, 2009



Township 13 South, Range 92 West, Section 35

A writer looks into the history of the people who lived on the Colorado mesa she now calls home.

Living on Glacial Time

Climate change is altering the lands we call home in ways we'd never imagined.

Editor's Note

"To feel at home, stay at home."

This essays and book reviews in this special issue of High Country News revolve around the question: What does it mean to be at home in the West?

Uncommon Westerners

When reverence isn't enough

Writer and philosopher Kathleen Dean Moore talks about water, family and the sacredness of landscapes.

Bicycles, books and beer

Todd Simmons founded a bookstore, a journal and a publishing company in Fort Collins, Colo., on little more than a shoestring and a dream.


Coming home to the cosmos

A wandering writer comes home to Utah after chasing meteorites around the world for years.


The sky is a crowded attic

Novelist Andrew Sean Greer talks about how the West’s vast landscapes transformed his life and his fiction.

Timothy Egan's Western odyssey

New York Times correspondent and National Book Award winner Timothy Egan talks about his enduring love for the West.

Dear Friends

Fall break

HCN's fall break; a High Country News potluck picnic; visitors; giving due credit for a photo.

Book Reviews

Books for lonely times

When you're camped all alone in the wilderness, there is nothing like a book to bring you comfort.

Bordering on injustice

Jimmy Santiago Baca's novel A Glass of Water compassionately describes the lives of Mexican immigrants.

A life unwound

In Michelle Huneven's novel Blame, a woman tries to deal with her guilt after a drunken-driving accident.

Why some men are the way they are

Three new short story collections -- Nine Ten Again by Philip Condon, Where The Money Went by Kevin Canty, and Maile Meloy’s Both Ways Is The Only Way I Want It -- feature working-class men coping with damaged lives.

Confronting life's essentials

Two recent memoirs -- Siesta Lane by Amy Minato and Lift by Rebecca K. O'Connor -- raise questions about the meaning of home, for both humans and falcons.


A conversation with Michelle Nijhuis

Photos and an interview with the author of "Township 13 South, Range 92 West, Section 35"

Parks Climate Challenge: North Cascades 2009

Nineteen high school students traveled to Washington's North Cascades this summer to witness and learn about climate change.

Two Weeks in the West

Our best idea

A family trip out West in 1959, when he was 9 years old, inspired Dayton Duncan to make a new documentary series with Ken Burns, called The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.


Peril in the parks

Search and rescue operations in Western national parks are often provoked by the mishaps of young men unprepared for their adventures.


Book lust, Western-style

This fall looks to be a great season for bookworms, and HCN lists a number of new books either written by Western writers or somehow related to the West.

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