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Below are some of the comments you sent us on the most recent reader survey. Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you think. We'll be mulling over your responses during the coming weeks, and using them to help chart our course. 

Keep the mag as it is with stories like "My Crazy Brother" and "Blood Quantum" no matter how "off-the-wall" or unique. The West is a sort of off-the-wall place and you are doing a great job describing it and archiving it.

Can you all lay off the anti-gun, anti-hunting issues? I subscribe for hard environmental news. I don't even mind the lefty slant, I just want hard news. And I like your classified section. Keep up the marginal work.

Back when I volunteered for HCN in Lander, HCN was gutsy, not that popular, and occasionally made a difference in public policy. Today, it is institutionalized, conventional, at times superficial, and, well, just boring. But it is very pretty. Smokey the Bear has become Camping Barbie.

Ray Ring's political and social commentaries do not sit well with me. I have to wonder if the Democratic National Committee supplies him with most of his material.

The paper is better than ever. Do not let Ray Ring leave or die!

Please print more by Michelle Nijhuis, our favorite science journalist.

I am 75 years old and retired. Thanks for a beautifully written, exquisitely edited publication. Since I am confined to one room and the bed in that room, you give me a window out.

Bring "Dear Friends" back to the front of the magazine. You distinguish yourselves from others with this column making readers feel they are part of the family.

I was required to purchase HCN for an environmental studies class at the University of Utah and to tell you the truth I am very happy I did. I enjoy all the articles in the magazine and have decided to continue taking it even after school is over.

I've been remiss lately in not paying closer attention to HCN, because it's a great paper. My own local paper, the Los Angeles Times, has been gutted and has declared bankruptcy. It's a big ship foundering on the rocks, while HCN motors on adroitly. Keep on!

Your publication is the only one that explains tribal issues. I do appreciate all topics but nowhere else do I get the tribal information.

Please do a geographical assessment of your coverage, then let me know if I'm being over-sensitive in feeling that it decreases in both frequency and depth the farther Northwest you travel.

You are my primary resource for thought-provoking, carefully researched, in-depth coverage of important issues in the West and beyond.

I actually like the production schedule with four hiatuses — it gives me a chance to catch up when I get behind on issues.

The magazine seems to have trended in a more openly political direction. While I am a liberal environmentalist who mostly agrees with your politics, the overall partisan tone is not helpful or beneficial to me or to reaching a wider audience.

Slowly, very slowly, your articles are changing how my ultra-conservative family members think about the West's resources and politics. HCN can and is doing what I could not — opening minds to the effects of climate change, to power and water issues, and that saving a species (or trying to) is not a bad thing.

Appreciate the diversity of issues you address (great outdoors/environment, cultural, and things that connect the two), and appreciate your coverage of issues related to the West's place in nuclear power and weapons. (I'm an 18-year-old.)

What happened to covering stewardship issues on federal and state lands, ecological issues and administration effects? Please continue to include humor and quirkiness, we turn to the back cover first.

Generally, "Two Weeks in the West" is old news for me. Most readers are current on such things and space could be put to better use. Always find stats on that page illuminating.

I have seen so little of Diane Sylvain's art and maps. I miss her. More Sylvain. More cowbell!

I appreciate the absence of superfluous insets. Two other good publications, Utne and Mother Jones, both got so busy, graphically confusing, and unfocused that I finally stopped subscribing to both. I've only rarely seen that at HCN.

I believe that HCN presents a nice variety of topics. You consistently offer in-depth and comprehensive coverage. I like the investigate nature of the stories that expose the shenanigans of those exploiting the West for personal gain.

I hardly ever read HCN anymore — you're mostly too ideological on forestry issues, and we just don't experience the impacts from the oil-gas-coal booms that you do in Colorado and Wyoming, so we have little in common anymore.

You do a superb job with this publication. Please, keep it middle-ground material and viewpoints as you usually do. I really think most folks are sick of the far right and the far left.

I would like to see some upbeat news in each issue — quite honestly, too much gloom and doom has turned me off more than one magazine, even if it is all true.

We both work in public-land management, and HCN covers the issues we care most about better than any other news source.

Your open-minded articles that conclude with no opinion created for the reader are a breath of fresh air. Even if I don't enjoy or am not engaged by a story, I still appreciate reading it and that it's not financially or politically motivated.

I like the connections and relationships the stories explain, things I never thought about or don't find elsewhere.