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Wolves, ranchers and public lands

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The recovery of the gray wolf is clearly a political issue, not a biological issue. Given this fact, how can Daniel Glick write nearly 4,000 words on the relationship of Westerners with Canis lupus without mentioning the words "public lands" (HCN, 11/10/08)? The cattle ranchers, sheep ranchers and outfitters highlighted in this article all make use of public lands in their operations; in fact, each of these operations would likely not be viable without access to this subsidized public resource. To portray the views of these individuals without at least acknowledging their relationship to (and dependence on) public lands is unconscionable. While it might not be as entertaining as catchy quotes from ranchers, the fact remains that the fate of Canis lupus in the West will be determined by how we choose to manage our public lands.

Todd Ringler
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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