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High Country News December 08, 2008

Out in the cold


The missing puzzle piece

In southwestern Colorado’s Crow Canyon, archaeologists are working with Native Americans to solve the historical mysteries of the Four Corners area.

Digging deep

An innovative local program helps Hispanic heroin addicts recover by renewing their ties to the land.

Out in the cold

When Julene Bair sold the family farm, she severed her lifelong connections with a sense of place and her own childhood.

Editor's Note

Fruit of the land

High Country News writers look for querencia – the physical place that gives one strength – in prehistoric (and contemporary) Indian pueblos, in gardens tended by recovering addicts, and in a now-lost family farm.

Dear Friends

Congratulations, Theo

Paonia scientist Theo Colborn wins a prestigious international prize, the 2008 Goteborg Award, for her work on endocrine disruption.

Birds of a feather

Dave Schweppe and Tam Scott, friends for 30 years, hunt upland game birds every year in the shortgrass prairie of northeastern Montana.

Uncommon Westerners

For the birds

Scott Rashid rescues and rehabilitates owls, eagles and other birds at his house in Estes Park, Colo.


Nonprofitable times

Many conservation groups are feeling the pinch.

Book Reviews

Night: not just for astronomers

In the anthology Let There Be Night, editor Paul Bogard and 29 writers and scientists testify on behalf of the value of darkness.

Two men, two paths

David Guterson’s new novel, The Other, follows the diverging lives of two old friends, one who settles for a quiet family life and another who seeks out a hermit’s existence in the Olympic rainforest.


Methow Homecoming

A man contemplates his relationship with a landscape that he is always loving and leaving.

Two Weeks in the West

Going underground

Hardrock mining slows down, but carbon sequestration and algae biofuels pick up.

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