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High Country News November 21, 2008

Ultimate solution?


Ultimate solution?

Southern California wants to use desalination to increase its water supply, but critics think the idea needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Desperate measures

Over the years, Westerners have come up with a lot of wacky schemes to get more water.

Editor's Note

Peak economy

Westerners shouldn’t panic about the recent economic meltdown; our region has always cycled from boom to bust and back again.

Dear Friends

Welcome, new board members

HCN welcomes new board members Wayne Hare and Jane Ellen Stevens; Peter Friederici’s story on recycled effluent gets praise from the Society of Environmental Journalists.

Uncommon Westerners

Weekend Westerner

Arthur Kruse rides the range – outside of Munich, Germany.


Stuck in the PAWGmire

The Pinedale Anticline Working Group was supposed to give citizens input on the local oil and gas boom, but it hasn’t worked out as planned.

Book Reviews

Bearing witness on the border

Eodus/Exodo uses the words of Charles Bowden and the photographs of Julian Cardona to tell the heartbreaking story of the modern-day border region.


Welcome to hard times

Ed Quillen finds a silver lining behind the current economic clouds.

Real work

The joys – and hardships – of outdoor physical work take a toll.

Two Weeks in the West

On Obama's coattails

Western Democrats have reason to celebrate the 2008 election, but the old conservative West has not disappeared.

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