Polluter Pork

  • Cartoon of polluting pickup truck

    Diane Sylvain

Renewable energy is on the congressional chopping block again. An 80-page report by the Sustainable Energy Budget Coalition blasts congressional budget cuts in the Department of Energy's renewable energy programs. The coalition's study, Congressional Energy Budget Proposals: Penny-Wise, Pound Fuelish is a state-by-state analysis of budget cut effects. Congress was far kinder to DOE's fossil fuel and nuclear programs. "The support for nuclear fission and fusion programs reflects business-as-usual pork-barrel politics," says Anna Aurilio, staff scientist with the U.S. Public Interest Research Group. The cuts will also put a projected 45,000 jobs at risk, says the report. A copy can be obtained for $20 through the Sustainable Energy Budget Coalition, 315 Circle Avenue, #2, Takoma Park, MD 20912-4836 (301/270-2258).