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Green in more ways than one

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Regarding your story "Green and Mean": While there was some benefit from the level of anti-Pombo ads that Defenders of Wildlife ran in 2006, they take far too much credit (HCN, 5/26/08). As an activist in that race, I can cite mistake after mistake that Defenders made, generally in playing fast and loose with the truth in their advertisements. The result was that they almost made Pombo into a sympathetic figure, and that takes a lot.

Not mentioned in this story are the efforts of organizations like the Clean Water Action Project, which organized a voter registration drive that signed up a significant number of new voters in the 11th Congressional District, including many Hispanics. That contribution was enough that the California director of Clean Water Action, Erich Pfuehler, then assumed the job as Jerry McNerney's chief of staff.

While I fully agree with the tactic, the Defenders' execution of it, especially in the Pombo case, was decidedly amateur.

Wesley C. Rolley
Morgan Hill, California

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