'Shooting ourselves in the head'

  The personal right to self-defense is not so broad as to include the intrusion into the safety and well-being of others in order to exercise that right (HCN, 4/28/08). Guns are not only in the homes of the households they are supposed to protect, they are violating our communities. They are in fast-food restaurants, on school campuses, in homes and in cars.

It is not gun control that is needed; it is control over the fools that insist on owning them, selfishly blind and unfeeling to the destruction they are bringing into society. I was 12 when my father taught me to shoot. But no more guns for me. It is time to take a stand for the children and innocent people who are being mowed down in domestic shootings, drive-bys and accidental injuries every single day. No law, no amendment should take precedent over human life.

The rallying cry of "our Second Amendment rights" translates to "I don't care how many die - my rights, my home, my needs are more important." No homeowner's guns on 9/11 could have prevented those airplanes from taking lives. Read a newspaper and you can see that guns are not saving us, they are causing thousands of deaths a year. The statistics from the Department of Justice don't lie. We can all read and watch the news where the death toll from guns surpasses the deaths in Iraq.

A private industry has intruded into our freedom in a way no outside terrorist group has yet to do. This is a for-profit business that is making money off every bullet. They are not fighting for our right to bear arms, they are fighting for their bottom line. The Second Amendment is their advertising jingle and nothing more. Our government, even our media, say nothing, both afraid, even corrupt in their silence.

Where is the responsible gun owner so brave and quick to hold that gun, but refusing to do something, anything, to keep guns out of the wrong hands? So-called responsible gun owners are the biggest cowards, hiding behind guns and not having the balls to do something about what has become America's biggest threat. They are America's shame.

Michelle Harrison Fort Lauderdale, Florida
May 27, 2008 11:59 AM

Whew! Pretty salty, Michelle. Nice! I'm an unmarried single muslim male age 62  ;o)

Gun ownership is a human activity which is governed by several simple, easy to learn rules. Disobedience to these rules is very likely to result in shocking bloodshed, and blood, according to the bible, causes pollution, so we can appreciate your concern, Michelle. When your father taught you to shoot, if I may respectfully inquire, did he mention these elementary rules?

Rules of gun ownership are as follows: 1. That such property is to be kept in a place where only the owner has access. This rule keeps this type of property out of the hands of the numerous individuals and children who have had not had a chance to learn these rules; 2. that any person who is holding in his or her hands such a piece of personal property must only be doing do so with the permission of and under the supervision of the owner;  3. That whenever a person is holding a device of this nature, the rule is inviolate that the "business end" of the machine is never permitted to face towards anything which, if the bullet were to cook off or otherwise the machine unexpectedly discharged, would result in ruin. Generally obedience to this rule requires  simply always 'pointing' the machine only at the ground or towards the sky. 4. Actual operation of such a piece of personal property, plus cleaning it and taking it apart and putting it together again are suggested for obedient gun owners because the owner should experience how the thing sounds, how it kicks, and what it can do. These simple rules are to be emphasized at every opportunity, by parents, for example, if the  parent notices that the kid has picked up a stick, or perhaps has taken a squirt gun and is starting to pretend, then the child is to be told that if he or she keeps pretending to point disobediently at people, or dogs, etc. that he or she will never be able to have a real gun of his or her own.

So what do you suggest we do about guns  mademoiselle. Maybe you could recommend to the USSC regarding their pending 2nd amend issue, as follows:  :

That the words 'regulated militia' mean that the federal government is within its limited  power to act for the general welfare of all those people who Michelle says are being shot to death in greater numbers each year so that it is within the limited powers of the federal government to approve an enactment by a public agency to the effect  that the proposed owner of a firearm is ipso facto proposing to make himself a "militia of one" by wanting to own a gun so that the agency is entitled to have a test of his safety knowledge rules, as above. Furthermore, it should be the interpretation of "regulated militia" that it is appropriate for the Government to regulate these Militia wannabees by seeking out and compiling  information as to the nature and extent of the past acts of these individuals so as to get information as to their real identites, because Jesus says that we can identify the type a person is by the things that they do.

May 30, 2008 06:09 PM

Michelle - Where is the responsible and concerned automobile owner that will realize that cars kill twice as many people as firearms every year in the U.S., not to mention the environmental catastrophe they are hastening on. Perhaps it will help to demonize them as bloodthirsty gasoline-crazed barbarians who secretly wish to drive down a sidewalk full of grade-schoolers. But probably not. My guns have not claimed any lives. Neither have yours or your fathers I suspect. Guns are a cultural aspect of the West. Sorry if you don't like that, but it is pretty high-handed to declare an entire group of people to be cowardly fools based on ownership of an object. There are lots of things I would probably like to change about Florida, but I'll wait until I know as much about other people's business as you do to make my recommendations.