Developers and enviros both gave ground over the fate of the biggest chunk of undeveloped land left in Southern California - the 270,000-acre Tejon Ranch, an hour north of Los Angeles in Kern County. In a deal announced in early May, the Tejon Ranch Company agreed to preserve 178,000 acres and allow the public to buy another 62,000 acres for conservation. In return, over the next 25 years, the Tejon Ranch Company can develop housing, industrial and resort projects on 30,000 acres. The ranch also has limestone mining, cattle grazing, vineyards, oil and gas drilling, and a hunting program.


Number of homes planned for Tejon Ranch's Centennial development


Minimum number of Kern County homes currently in some stage of foreclosure

$235 million

Size of loan just defaulted on by SunCal Companies, which had planned to build 6,000 homes, parks and a golf course on another former ranch in Kern County


Number of estate homes planned for Tejon Mountain Village Resort


Number of major ecosystems found on Tejon Ranch

16 million

Minimum square footage of buildings and warehouses planned for Tejon Industrial Complex


Number of fault lines, including the San Andreas, that cross Tejon Ranch


Number of threatened or endangered species, including the California condor, that the company may request federal permission to "harm, harass or kill" through "incidental take"


Number of federally endangered California condors in Southern California


Approximate number of acres of designated "critical habitat" for condors located within planned ranch developments


Cost to hunt one wild pig during the ranch's annual "Wild Pig Management Hunts"


Number of California condors accidentally shot during 2003 wild pig management hunt


Fine paid by the hunter responsible

-Jodi Peterson