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Who needs ski resorts anyway?

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Dear HCN,

I very much enjoy your excellent paper, even if quite a few of the articles sadden me as they chronicle the transition of an honest working man's West into a characterless, la-de-da, recreational theme-park West. But "The New West's servant economy" truly shocks and depresses me (HCN, 4/17/95).

That these ski resorts, catering, one presumes, to the 1 percent who control 40 percent of all the wealth of this country, should scour the country for the cheapest possible labor, and treat them like dirt, is an abomination. The greed, arrogance, materialism and insensitivity of these useless places are beyond any justification. The West would be a better place, and we a better people, if these worthless and decadent ski resorts disappeared without a trace.

Dayton Lummis

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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