A sister's suicide

  Ray Ring's article about his "crazy brother" really touched me (HCN, 3/31/08). I lost my older sister to suicide this past Oct. 31, and our mother killed herself when I was 14. I, like Ray, believe the problems started with childhood emotional traumas that were never dealt with, and as the years wore on their perception of experiences were distorted and carried forward into adulthood. My sister left a journal that covered the last three months of her life. It showed her descent into hell, her struggle to hang on to "reality," and finally her determination to kill herself no matter the consequences of what she left behind. She lived in Colorado, and even though she lived in a progressive, educated town, she absolutely was not able to get the long-term help she needed. It is all so sad as she left behind two devastated sons and two new grandkids. Her sensitivity, warped perception and inability to "let go" are what killed her. I believe she would have made it given proper treatment over a long period of time, but there was none of that available.

Anyway, thank you for your frankness and honesty. I'm sorry for Ray's brother and family. I hope they are all at peace in some wonderful place - but I'm not sure about that.

Sandra LeBrun
Taos, New Mexico