Eight is just fine

  What a depressing letters page (HCN, 2/04/08)! Mr. Gardner speaks of an unsustainable population, Bagley takes a cheap shot at large families, and Williams is just plain mad at "enormous families." These sentiments are intolerant and hateful. They remind me of Einstein's words: "The most important decision you have to make is whether you live in a friendly or hostile universe." When humanity itself is viewed as a plague upon this earth, that is a hostile universe view. We all come from an enormous family; we are all branches on a tree called Humanity. I am one of eight in my family. I am getting married soon, and plan to have a large family, so my children will be better adapted to deal with the larger family of humanity when it becomes their turn to make this world, and the West, a better place.

Damon Gibbons
Creede, Colorado