A Superior story

  The article about Superior, Ariz., was well-researched and beautifully written (HCN, 2/18/08). My husband has many family connections with that area, so we have visited over the years and wondered how things would turn out for those old mining towns. It always seemed to me that Superior had a great future as a place for artists and those tired of the urban rat race. I've been wondering for almost 40 years when the magical transformation would happen. Now I see there is once again the lure of copper mining in the near future, but who knows what in the longer term. It's a hard situation, but my heart is with those who don't want another dance with "big copper."

I let my subscription lapse a while ago since I just couldn't keep up with your publication. But you got me hooked this time. Your coverage of complex and emotional topics is superb. The article about Superior is terrific since we are poised to go up there in a few days to show one of our daughters where her dad was born (Miami) and where her great-grandparents lived (Globe), and fill her with stories of her great-great-granddad's encounter with the Apache Kid and other less exotic family lore. Your article will help explain what we will see.

Beth Nicholson
Boulder, Colorado