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High Country News May 29, 1995


Politics 101: The new politics has no room for a giant gentleman

A reporter travels through Washington state's 5th congressional district to try to understand the November election defeat of Democratic Speaker of the House Tom Foley after 30 years in office.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

A visit from "Ramon" Robert Amon and Cindy Strand; June potluck and board meeting in Paonia


The pendulum swings from dry to wet

After a decade of drought, most of the West is now being drenched.

Californians talk too much trash

California retirees Ken and Pat Nute alienate neighbors by describing local houses as eyesores and the town as a dump, on a local TV show.

Montana man charged in wolf killing

Montana hunter Chad McKittrick is charged with illegally killing one of the 15 wolves restored to Yellowstone.

Ranchers charge tourists for a dose of reality

"Recreational ranchers" earn extra money from tourists who pay for a chance to work as cowboys.

Citizen action gets results

Texaco agrees to clean up North Platte River pollution from a defunct oil refinery after Sierra Club sues.

Booming county looks for trust

Idaho communities learn about land trusts as a possible solution to rapid growth.

A royal cover-up

New Mexico's Meridian Oil Inc. has been shortchanging the government on royalties, according to a BLM investigation.

Wyoming tribes get support to keep a river wet

The Wind River Indian Reservation sues non-Indian irrigators for violating water rights and dumping trash in the Wind River to dam it.

Grazing settlement favors ranchers

A lawsuit over grazing on Montana's Beaverhead National Forest is settled in ranchers' favor.

Forest forestalls squatters

Jackson, Wyo.'s housing shortage will be worse than usual as Forest Service officials limit camping to five days on forest land in Jackson district.

Wyoming refuses to join rebels

A meeting of Wyoming's governor and other state officials with Nye County, Nev., wise-use rebels falls through after unwelcome publicity from the Wyoming Outdoor Council.

Huge snowmelt may lift salmon past killer dams

A heavy runoff from snow helps migratory salmon get over dams on their way to the ocean.

Flip-flop on storing nuclear waste shakes up tribe

Mescalero Apaches vote to store high-level nuclear waste on the reservation six weeks after first voting against it.

Legislature votes to hamstring Washington state

The Washington Legislature's approval of Initiative 164 creates the most far-reaching "takings" law in the nation.

Book Reviews

Just a moment! Can we learn from a bogus book?

A review of Gregg Easterbrook's "A Moment on the Earth: The Coming Age of Environmental Optimism" exposes it as a destructuve, inaccurate polemic against environmentalists.

New rules, less protection?

Critics say the Forest Service's revamped regulations under the National Forest Management Act will weaken environmental protection.

Wonder hemp

A review of "Industrial Hemp" touts potential of growing the currently illegal plant for products including paper, paint, and even dynamite.

Water and the West

A conference on "Sustainable Use of the West's Water" in Boulder, Colo., addresses water rights.

Booming in ski country

Conference to be held at Keystone, Colo.

Rivers in jeopardy

American Rivers includes four Western rivers in its list of the nation's 10 most endangered.

Give "em an award

Nominations are sought for the National Wildlife Federation's 1995 conservation achievement awards.

Save wild connections

"Places of the Wild: A Wildlands Anthology" is reviewed.

Cohabiting in Yellowstone

"Bears and Ecosystems: A Period of Transition" conference will be held by the Yellowstone Grizzly Foundation.

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West

Utah exempts peace pipes; Arizona tribe wants to protect air; new Navajo Pres. Hale asks for pardon for Peter MacDonald; eating buffalo in Ronan, Mont.; wise-use newsletter, "The Courier'; Democrats in Oregon's Wallowa County.

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