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Don't give up on us

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My subscription had run out on HCN and several other magazines and I found myself drowning in periodicals. I have always been a huge supporter of HCN, but for the last year or so, I was less and less impressed with the journalism. There were fewer and fewer articles about environmental issues, and lower-grade reporting when it did happen. I was particularly disappointed in the recent cover story on carbon sequestration, which seemed to spend several pages saying not much of anything about an important topic. I was ready to let my HCN subscription slide. The combination of excellent recent stories such as “L.A. Bets on the Farm” (and anything by Michelle Nijhuis) and the appointment of your new editor convinced me to give HCN another shot. Whatever positive changes former editor John Mecklin may have instituted, I don’t think his editorial vision was a good fit for HCN. Here’s to a return to your previous excellence!

Jeff Jewett
Bozeman, Montana

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