When's breakfast?

  How wonderful that you can experience a little of what I was able to experience 45 years ago, when campgrounds weren't crowded, you could drink from springs and creeks before giardia was imported from central Asia, many places that are now housing developments were wilderness, and we didn't have Gore-Tex, lightweight tents, foam mattresses, sleeping bags good to 60 below, freeze-dried food, etc. (HCN, 10/15/07). I, however, have paid my dues - and taxes - and now prefer to retreat into my home when it rains, turns cold and windy, or the mosquitoes drive me to distraction. When we are out in places like Mono Lake, Death Valley, or some national forest campground in the shadow of Mount Adams, we are usually outside, cooking, visiting, and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells until we are ready for our comfortable memory foam mattress. I can and do still make biscuits in my Dutch oven, fry bacon, eggs and pancakes over an open fire with my cast-iron griddle, and I can still make tin-can coffee, even if it doesn't taste like Starbucks.

Stan Binns
Goldendale, Washington