They've earned it

  All I can say to Evelyn Spence is, "Been there ... Done that! NOT doing it anymore, so eat your heart out, babe!" (HCN, 10/15/07). Your day will come whenever you get tired of the rocks poking you in the back and the smoke stinging your eyes. If you have a tent, you have more than we ever had; our shelter when camping was a tarp tied between two trees! But after 24 years of growing herbs for the wholesale business, bending, weeding, planting, and constantly working so hard that most people, including you, probably can't even imagine it, I want to see this great country of ours and sleep in my own bed at night. We are taking the plunge to "full-timers." So get over yourself! And add this to your list: "Yipee-ti-yi-yae!"

Elaine Welk
Spokane, Washington