So much for that doggie in the window

  Over the years, the Classifieds section has greatly expanded. No problem there - I'm sure it represents needed income for HCN, and the advertising has been an extension of HCN's mission to report news of Western resource issues. However, I was quite dismayed with the Aug. 20 ad for the sale of an AKC female Yorkie pup named Jazz. What's next - ads of babies for adoption?

The intended breeding of purebreds such as AKC Yorkies and the careless consequences of not fixing the pet at home (check out local "free kitten" ads and posters) add up to a simple, but tragic, math equation: Too many puppies and kittens - too few available (and suitable) homes = nearly 4 million pets killed annually at animal shelters in the United States. Given that 25 percent of pets surrendered to shelters are purebreds like Jazz, the AKC puppy-producing industry rests on shaky ground. Rather than be a party to this shameful business, HCN should stick with advertising that is reflective of its Western influence.

Jan Raffaele
Alexandria, Virginia
Oct 16, 2007 12:14 PM

Amen.  Everyone at all familiar with animal control knows that purebreds end up in shelters every day of the week.  Every one sold is taking up space that could be given to one in need of adoption.