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High Country News September 17, 2007

Facing the yuck factor


Facing the Yuck Factor

As population growth and climate change stress the region’s water supplies, Westerners think hard about recycling their effluent, although some worry about the possibly harmful endocrine disrupters found in cleaned-up effluent.

Editor's Note

Effluent, effluent everywhere

A recent turbidity crisis in Paonia resulted in the issuance of a “boil order,” which reminded us locals how precious clean water is in the arid West.

Dear Friends

Dear friends

New HCN interns Christine Hoekenga and James Yearling; visitors; correction.

Uncommon Westerners

He loves nature. And dams.

Paul Ostapuk is a nature-lover and outdoorsman who loves Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam.


Cutting trees to save the forest

Chris Kelly’s environmental group, The Conservation Fund, is carefully logging its own redwood trees in order to save forests and salmon in Northern California.

Raising the bar for lawyers

Washington has become the third state to require that would-be lawyers taking the bar exam know more than a little about Indian law.

Book Reviews

Cowboy love, with a generous sprinkling of sugar

In Crybaby Ranch, novelist Tina Welling tells a romantic story with zest.

In search of giant trees and unseen realms

In The Wild Trees, Richard Preston explores the amazing ecosystems hidden at the top of the world’s tallest trees.



A woman and her son say their final goodbyes to a friend who committed suicide.

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West

“Glamping” – or glamorous camping, complete with butlers; aerotrekking in Arizona; tiny houses; snake bite hobbles beauty contestant.

Two Weeks in the West

Two weeks in the West

Health insurance – and the lack of it – in the West; Larry Craig, Burning Man, and parts of Montana go up in flames; Wyoming booms and house prices are up, but the kids are still leaving in droves; new Border Patrol duds debut.

Related Stories

Take back these drugs – please

Some communities are trying to keep discarded pharmaceuticals out of the water supply by organizing “take-back programs” for leftover drugs

Making an effluent market

How will Westerners pay for – and market – their recycled drinking water?

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