Karl Malone's next vacation home

  I was "appalled" to read Will Nobauer's letter regarding your article on Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (HCN, 7/23/07). In the letter he calls these people "stupid looking white-trash rednecks" and "psychotic mental retards." Such a wonderful example of intelligent discourse. It came as no surprise to me to find out that good old Will lives in Aspen. I wonder how many acres of pristine land he bulldozed, how many trees were cut down, how much pollution dumped into someone's water supply or into the ever-graying air we try to breath to build that oversized monstrosity he calls a "home" in the safe little enclave of environmental hypocrites that they call Aspen? I know a lot of really wonderful people live in Aspen, so I apologize to them for grouping them for no reason whatsoever into the same category as Will Nobauer. I can only hope that that mutant retard white-trash redneck named Karl Malone buys the house next to Will's.

Chris Carrier
Paonia, Colorado