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Liberal and armed

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I would think that an independent-minded journal like HCN would not so easily fall prey to anti-gun rhetoric more befitting the New York Times. Specifically: "... a reflection of white men's anxiety about the civil rights movement"? Tell that to my Hispanic and Indian hunting friends (most of whom vote Democratic) but who support gun rights; Gov. Bill Richardson (ditto); or feminist gunwriters Mary Zeiss Stange and Christina Nealson (both gun-rights liberals).

Westerners treasure their independence and the right to self defense. Even the national Democratic Party seems to be figuring that out. And regarding gangsters with guns: Do you seriously think they use legal weapons? What about in Britain, with no handguns allowed, no right to self-defense, thousands of illegal guns, and a rising level of violence?

Stephen Bodio
Magdalena, New Mexico

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