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Beer drinkers = radical drunken fanatics?

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"Guns R Us" was a hatchet job of the first order. Ray Ring used the civil rights infringement of Red's Trading Post as a fig leaf to present a blatant anti-gun screed.

Take this quote: "The seats are mostly filled; some of the people are drinking beers they've carried in from the saloon. They've come to show (1) support for a man they respect, and (2) their insistence on the U.S. constitutional right to bear arms, which they see enshrined in the Second Amendment, right up there with the amendments guaranteeing freedom of speech and religion."

The part about people drinking is inserted to mark the people seeing the show as perhaps drunkards, at least to make you wonder. The comment about the Second Amendment is carefully phrased as "... which they see enshrined in the Second Amendment ... ," as if it is not written in the Bill of Rights, merely inferred by radical drunken gun-rights fanatics.

The rest is line after line of the same drivel. This is a VERY anti-gun article. It is shameful that this writer used Ryan Horsley as grist for his anti-gun agenda.

Jeffrey Reid
Uxbridge, Massachusetts

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