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High Country News July 23, 2007

Hydrogen Highway Revisited


Hydrogen Highway Revisited

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to save the planet through hydrogen power, but critics say the notion is just hot air

Editor's Note

Global charming

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s belief that he can save the planet through hydrogen power is much like one of his movie performances – entertaining, charismatic and ultimately unrealistic

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Summer visitors, Cherry Days, and a clarification

Uncommon Westerners

Throwing raptors into flight

Rob Domenech bands eagles, studies hawks and also works with at-risk kids

Writers on the Range

Natural diversity

Wayne Hare, a black park ranger, talks about the importance of diversity for the future of the West


Fear in the Valley

Following a high-profile raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, undocumented farmworkers in Colorado’s San Luis Valley live in fear

When the Joneses go solar

As solar power becomes more popular, planners wrestle with builders over aesthetics

Book Reviews

Home is where the compost is

Robert Michael Pyle takes us through a year in his small Northwestern community in Sky Time in Gray’s River: Living for Keeps in a Forgotten Place

A taste of ecological medicine

In Nature’s Restoration, naturalist Peter Friederici looks at the people and places involved in the restoration of natural landscapes


The aroma of Tacoma

Karen Mockler likes the West’s grittier towns – the ones that aren’t remotely cool, the ones with a certain funk

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West

Who stops for pedestrians?; rude coyotes in Phoenix; Starbucks in Saudi Arabia; America’s public-lands birthright – NOT; bear-(and human)-resistant Dumpsters in Vail

Two Weeks in the West

Two weeks in the West

The West is on fire; Dick Cheney exposed; toning down RS-2477; and firefighting statistics

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