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High Country News May 15, 1995


Dog and pony show about salmon and owls

Public hearings on the rewriting of the Endangered Species Act stir up controversy among environmentalists and their opponents.

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Semi-special issue on Endangered Species Act; more responses to Margolis piece; reader surveys.


Wolves born outside the park

A wolf released in Yellowstone gives birth to pups near Red Lodge, Mont., after her mate is illegally killed.

Overstaying their welcome?

A once-quiet hot springs is overwhelmed by visitors after guidebooks tout it.

Critics attack a snow job in Utah

Salt Lake City's expensive bid to host the 2002 Winter Olympics is meeting surprisingly lukewarm opposition from environmentalists.

Politics and threats keep cows on public land

Amid rumors of violence, the Forest Service backs down on its plan to cut the number of Kit and Sherry Laney's cows that graze a wilderness allotment.

A question of logging

Wilderness Society president Jon Roush is blasted for selling $140,000 worth of timber from his Western ranch.

Shrinking salmon

As salmon runs in the Northwest diminish, the size of individual fish decreases too.

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West

A digest of news reports on militias and the reaction to them in the West in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing.


A war of ideologies, with endangered species as weapons

A writer thoughtfully considers the philosophical and religious ramifications of the struggle to save endangered species.

Related Stories

A full-court press to save ecosystems

Jasper Carlton, head of the Biodiversity Legal Foundation in Boulder, Colo., was "guerilla lawyering" to protect threatened species in court.

Soft-path approach to saving species

Hank Fischer of Defenders of Wildlife tries to use communication and consensus-building to save endangered species.

Interior wants to kill a success

An innovative Fish and Wildlife program called Partners for Wildlife faces dismantling, despite the success it has shown in working cooperatively with ranchers and landowners along Montana's Blackfoot River.

Five states squirm as bull trout declines

Saving the bull trout will require the cooperation of five states and 34 national forests.

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