Blame cows, trees and the sun, not just humans


Jonathan Thompson says in your March 5 issue that “thanks to humans, the earth is warming up, sea levels will rise, and pestilence and severe weather events will follow” (HCN, 3/5/07).

Approximately 40 percent of our warming is due to solar activity. Cows contribute methane gas and even our forests give off carbon dioxide. Sea levels are predicted to rise by approximately one foot, the same rise we have had over the past 100 years. The Intergovern-mental Panel on Climate Change, an oft-quoted U.N. agency, says that there is no evidence that extreme weather events have increased over the past century.

Global warming is real, it is a serious problem, and we should do all we reasonably can to slow it down, but humans are not the only problem. Let’s skip the hyperbole and just have the facts.

Robert B. Hoff
> Colorado Springs, Colorado