Recall Ben Campbell

  Dear HCN:

On March 30, Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., offered a substitute amendment that would have improved the "salvage logging" amendment by requiring that federal land management agencies comply with environmental laws. The Murray amendment was defeated by one vote due to the efforts of Colorado's own Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell - Democrat turned Republican.

Mr. Campbell's initial vote was in favor of Ms. Murray's amendment; then, in a move reminiscent of his defection to the Republican Party, Mr. Campbell changed his vote. Via C-Span I watched Mr. Dole and other senators descend upon him. Behold: His vote magically changed. The final vote was 48-46, causing the Murray amendment to fail.

With one vote, Mr. Campbell jeopardized the ecological integrity and economic stability of an entire region. I suggest that the citizens of Colorado initiate a recall of Mr. Campbell, or at the very least write or call his office and make him feel the heat for his spineless and irresponsible action.

Jennifer Ferenstein

Missoula, Montana