Grassroots unite

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Activists concerned about health, justice, peace and the environment will share organizing tactics May 5-6 in Missoula, Mont. Bryony Schwan, director of the Missoula-based Women's Voices for the Earth, says the conference aims to diversify the environmental movement and pinpoint common ground among the participants. Speakers include Love Canal activist Lois Gibbs, now executive director of Citizen's Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste; Dan Funsch of Alliance for the Wild Rockies, and Gail Small of Native Action, a Northern Cheyenne activist group. A separate workshop, May 7, Women Without Limits, seeks to empower women and develop leadership. For more information about the workshop or the conference, Finding Common Ground: Gender, Justice and the Environment, contact Women's Voices for the Earth at 406/543-3747.