Bring in more wolves


The private group Defenders of Wildlife recently extended its Wolf Recovery Fund, established in Wyoming in 1987, to cover the Southwest. The program reimburses ranchers for livestock killed by wolves by raising funds from "the millions of wolf supporters all over the nation," says Hank Fischer of Defenders. A Phoenix-based citizens' group, Preserve Arizona's Wolves (PAWS), has joined the effort by working to help Defenders double its Recovery Fund, which currently stands at about $100,000. Wildlife artist Cheyenne McAfee has created a poster to help raise money. The colorful poster features the Mexican wolf and measures 24" x 30". It is available for a $30 contribution to PAWS; notecards are $17 per dozen. Contact PAWS director Bobbie Holaday, XXX/XXX-XXXX*, for details.

*UPDATE: PAWS has since disbanded, and the contact number is no longer in use.
- Eds., Nov. 29, 2004