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High Country News May 01, 1995


Land grants under the microscope

The land-grant university system has been challenged and is slowly beginning to change.

Trying to save two of the parts

Lyle McNeal of Utah State devotes himself to bringing back the Navajo's Churro sheep.

The gospel according to Wes Jackson

Geneticist Wes Jackson calls modern agriculture a mistake and offers a blueprint for reform.

Starting a war at Ohio State

Kamyar Enshayan fights the industrialization of agriculture often promoted by land-grant colleges.

An in-your-face range scientist

New Mexico State's Jerry Holechek believes public-lands grazing has to be changed at the roots.

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Endangered Species Act, Mary Moran's wedding, Chekhov on conservation.


Forest Service scrambles to obey law it long ignored

After decades of inaction, the Forest Service suddenly starts to apply the National Environmental Policy Act.

Will the bill's authors please stand?

A memo shows lobbyists wrote most of a bill scaling back the Endangered Species Act.

The heat is on

The Forest Service is pressured to reverse decision removing most of Kit and Sherry Laney's cattle from the Diamond Bar allotment.

Who killed the cows?

Rancher Tom Kelly believes environmentalists may have shot 13 of his cows.

Idaho injunction lifted

Judge David Ezra lifts injunction that threatened to halt many activities on six Idaho national forests in order to protect salmon habitat.

Midnight subdividing creates unsanitary messes

Lax land-use laws and unscrupulous developers create poor, polluted settlements known as colonias in New Mexico.

Wolf lovers give Idaho sheriff a piece of their mind

Idaho's Lemni County Sheriff Brett Barsalou gets a lot of response, both pro and con, for saying wolf-killing was justified.

Non-native bird ruffles feathers

Colorado conservationists object to Division of Wildlife's desire to introduce a non-native game bird, the ruffed grouse.

Jail for a poacher

Chad S. Beus is sentenced to jail and fines for poaching a photogenic Yellowstone elk.

Bleak future for cutthroat

Fishery experts say there's no way to eliminate the illegally planted lake trout that are killing native cutthroat in Yellowstone Lake.

Book Reviews

Slashing water welfare

Bureau of Reclamation sets new rules to prevent corporate farms from using subsidized water meant for family farms.

A last laugh

An exhibit called "The Last Laugh" displays environmental cartoons from all viewpoints.

Goats in the crosshairs

Olympic National Park managers propose shooting mountain goats to protect endangered plants damaged by them.

Wild symposium

"Always Cry Wolf" symposium is planned for Telluride's MOUNTAINFILM festival.

Bring in more wolves

Defenders of Wildlife extends its wolf recovery fund to Southwest.

Baiting continues unabated

Forest Service allows states to regulate bear baiting on national forests.

A place of one's own

"Tips on Land & Water Management for Small Farms and Ranches in Montana" is published.

Conspiracy of optimism

Paul Hirt's book "A Conspiracy of Optimism: Management of the National Forests Since World War II" is reviewed.

Grassroots unite

Conference on "Finding Common Ground: Gender, Justice and the Environment" is planned.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West

A digest of two weeks' worth of news clips and press releases around the West.

Related Stories

Land-grant professor offers Navajo herds a helping hand

Lyle McNeal tries to improve economic and environmental conditions on the Navajo reservation.

The Memo War: 1989-1993

Kamyar Enshayan's views about sustainable agriculture started a four-year "war of memos" on the subject.

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