Bikers have blown it

  I’d like to answer the rhetorical question on the cover of the Sept. 18 issue: "Mountain bikers, long vilified as unruly renegades, are finally winning respect — and access to more trails. But does a new generation of gonzo riders threaten all that?" My response is: I certainly hope so. Nothing pictured on the cover, nor in the related article inside, requires access to wilderness, or any other kind of protected area.

Mountain bikers as "part of the conservation movement" would be laughable if it weren’t so perverse.

Ray Schoch
Lakewood, Colorado

Oct 13, 2006 12:45 PM

   Ray, Ray, Ray, a mountain biker environmentalist imposible? Certainly not, I am avid mountin biker, member of Imba, and various local advocacy groups. A Environmental and Political science major with a specialization in urban growth. I started the U.S navy's recycling program in the early 90's, and a trail steward. Where the hell are you coming from? Apparently you have no faith in the truth, bikers are less destructive to the trail than horses and a pack of unmaintened boy scouts. Every rider I take out on the trail uses trail bylaws, and never, never trashes a area. The first person at the trail head picks up trash until somebody arrives.

 I certainly understand that you think that bikers who likes to build stunts in the woods will have a impact on all who need to keep areas open for all safe users is a threat. I dealt with this issue a decade ago in the east, and the local group met various times with land managers until a suitable compromise was made.

But thinking that a biker isnt or cant be a envorinmentalist; you have to get out more. How many days did you commute to work this year, how many times did you ride to the store or run errands. Did you think about the location of your present address and if it was suitable for communting? What about it Ray? How many times have you been able to ride from your house to the trail head instead of using your vehicle, or riding to a a area that somebody that you planned ahead with could pick you up or vice veras.

"Mountain bikers as "part of the conservation movement" would be laughable if it weren’t so perverse." I dont know why you have come to this view, but maybe its just because you had a bad incident with cyclist. There will always be problems with the term multi use trail, and as a hiker, trail runner and backpacker too, I see more ignorance on trail with the walking pack who dont know the trail rules.

As I know that the horseman of the west have the strongest lobby and that should be where your real "hate" should lie.

Thanks for letting me vent.