Will your favorite Forest Service campsite be closed down next summer?


Perhaps, if it doesn’t fit the agency’s increased focus on "dispersed recreation" at remote sites. The 155 national forests are now ranking their developed camping and picnic sites to determine if they meet agency standards; those that fall short will be closed or have their services reduced. According to a recent report from the Western Slope No-Fee Coalition, between 3,000 and 5,000 sites could eventually be closed. The Forest Service won’t discuss exact numbers until the plans are complete in 2007, but says that number is overblown. Some sites will remain open but may have their water or toilets removed; others may reduce their operating seasons, become fee-based, or be turned over to private concessionaires.


Oct 23, 2006 12:11 PM

I am 54 years old and still remember when our tax dollor, a small fee and no "resevation system" was the rule. Now we get fairly high fees,. no trash service,poor roads,no ranger patrols and road closures "for the good of the forest" I say BUNK!! we as americans have the right to go into/onto the national forest at any time without added fees. I live in Washington state and am NOT amused that a californicater comany "runs " most of the forest service campgrounds. What ever happened to the hireing of forestry school,college kids?? I think, if you follow the "money trail" you will be astounded by what you discover!! I think that the easterners (east of the Mississippi river) need to control thier own space and let the people who actually reside in and on the western half of these United States control thier own destiny. NO I do not spout foolishness like succession I just am very tired of our elected officials, without consultation "doing whats best for us"and not discovering the real deal for years!!

I thank you for your attention and remember it is an OBLGATION to vote as freedom is NOT free