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High Country News April 17, 1995


The New West's servant economy

Ski resorts begin to resemble the Third World as Africans and others come to take low-paying service jobs, but have trouble finding housing.

Dear Friends

Dear friends

Amy Conley's baby, complaints, Wild Friends, Earth Day at 25.


Salvage logging squeaks by Senate

Senate agrees to suspend environmental laws in order to expediate salvage logging in national forests.

Congress helps ranchers, too

Senate approves bill requiring the Forest Service to reissue grazing permits to ranchers.

Forest Service lops off timber task force

The Forest Service disbands its elite Timber Theft Task Force.

Forest Service bombed in Nevada

A bomb damages the Toiyabe Forest Service office in Carson City, Nevada.

Big groups drop appeal

A coalition of major environmental groups decides not to appeal Clinton's Option Nine Northwest forest plan.

Back to grazing reform ... maybe

New grazing regulations are released by BLM with little fanfare.

'Marvel'ous auction in Idaho

Conservationist Jon Marvel loses bid to rancher at a state-land grazing auction in Idaho Falls.

A grim Wyoming hearing for BLM and greens

Petroleum industry criticizes BLM proposal for managing Wyoming's Grass Creek area, during a heated public hearing.

Is it politics, or is it revolution?

Republican take-over and states' rights furor threaten environmental regulations throughout West.

A modest proposal

Utah county commissioners offer minimal wilderness recommendations to Gov. Mike Leavitt.

Wild again

All 14 reintroduced Yellowstone wolves take to the wild.

Book Reviews

Endangered act on tour

Members of House Resources Committee will be in Vancouver to discuss reauthorization of Endangered Species Act.

Washington and the West

"The New Congress and the New West" forum is slated for Boulder, Colorado.

Outdoor museum preserved for now

Two geologists help preserve carved bedrock of Idaho's Big Wood River.

How does a boom feel?

A video titled "Subdividing the West: Implications of Growth' is available from Colorado State University.

Restoring the Truckee River

A Truckee River Conference will be held in Reno, April 27-29.

Blueprint for salmon survival

Federal Marine Fisheries Service releases salmon recovery plan.

Land grant says wilderness hurts

Utah State University releases study claiming that wilderness designation harms local economy.

The people problem

"Population Growth, Ethics and the Environment" is set for Salt Lake City.

Related Stories

Working 24 hours straight

Former ski bum Greg Smith now juggles three jobs to make ends meet.

The Leadville-Indy 500

Single mother Alma Perez has to start her day at 5:30 am to commute from Leadville to her ski industry job in Vail.

Ski bums wrapped in concrete

Ski workers Jeremy Bernier and Jim Noland sleep in a van in the maintenance room of a parking garage because they can't afford housing in Vail.

Pedro Lopez, entrepreneur

Pedro Lopez and other workers who live in trailers near the Beaver Creek resort will have to move because the industry is buying the trailer park's land.

It always comes down to finding a place tolive

Creating low-cost housing in ski country involves overcoming a variety of hurdles.

He came to ski and stayed to help

J. Francis Stafford, the Archbishop of Denver, makes socioeconomic justice and worker's problems in ski country a priority.

Seeking power, a few ski workers go union

In a few resorts, beleagured ski workers are turning to unions for help.

How Western senators voted on the Murray amendment

How Western senators voted on the Murray amendment.

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