Give Norton some credit


I disagree with Paul Larmer, and think it’s highly unfair to kick Gale Norton in the back of the leg on her way out the door (HCN, 4/03/06: Norton Departs).

Norton dealt directly with two of the largest Interior issues in the West during her tenure. You mentioned in passing the Colorado River water issue, which is monumental to the states of Nevada, California and Arizona. Addition-ally, Norton tackled the water issue on the Klamath head on in her first two years as secretary.

Norton’s not responsible for the LWCF funds shrinking; Congress owns that wallet. And so what if there’s one less grizzly bear threatening Idaho campers and eating Snake River salmon, or if someone’s cruising through Yellowstone on a snowmobile? Ever done it? It’s a blast, and good for the economy.

Sure, you had your cake and ate it, too, while Bruce Babbitt was Interior secretary, but hats should go off to Secretary Norton for stepping up to the plate and dealing with real Western issues.

Joe Galli
Flagstaff, Arizona