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Good hunting requires wild places

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Hoo-Wray for Pat Wray for revealing the far right-wing politics of the NRA (HCN, 1/23/06: What’s the NRA’s beef with roadless areas?). Anymore, the NRA is all about amassing dues-paying members to support the group’s anti-conservation lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C. One way it does this is by appealing to the interests and pandering to the fears of the general hunting bloc at large.

There is more to hunting than four-wheelin’, blind-sittin’, beer-drinkin’, and the cornfield-shootin’ of deer. If the mass of NRA members in America could witness the ravaging currently being wreaked upon the game ranges of the West by their beloved George W. Bush and his minions in the energy industry, perhaps they would become enlightened about how mindlessness and greed are destroying the opportunity for real hunting in this land.

As a lifelong hunter and long-lapsed member of the NRA, I receive regular calls encouraging me to rejoin. The urgency of my participation (and remittance of dues) is usually emphasized by assuring me that the NRA is fighting to preserve my hunting rights. What bullshit. I will continue to refuse to talk to the NRA missionaries until they can get it into their gunpowder-smudged brains that this ain’t 1880 anymore — that there is a real connection between genuine hunting opportunities and the preservation of wild places and open ranges.

John Fandek
Cora, Wyoming

Mar 17, 2006 06:58 PM

I've always known that the NRA was a toady to the "Saturday Night Special and Assault Rifle fanatics. And the gun manufacturers more interested in flooding the inner cities and cowering suburbs with MAC 10's and "9's". Here in Wyoming they supported a recent bill to legalize concealed weapons without a permit. They care nothing about protecting a hunting heritage and pull the wool over the eyes of the sheeplike members who don't think for themselves.

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