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Activists are not terrorists

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Please consider not using the term "eco-terrorist" or "eco-terrorism" (HCN, 2/6/06: The Latest Bounce). Individuals taking direct action often break the law. Sometimes they trespass and disobey lawful orders, and sometimes they destroy private and public property. These are crimes and the perpetrators should be charged, tried, and appropriately punished. In general, the worst crimes these folks commit are serious property crimes — arson, vandalism, etc. It is a rare eco-anything who commits a violent crime against persons for the purpose of generating fear.

Today in America, we are whipped up into a frenzy of hate against terrorists. Some may see it as their patriotic duty to do all they can to end terrorism, including killing terrorists. Please do not use this word for crimes like vandalism, hooliganism, arson, etc. If you must keep it in your vernacular, use it for eco-murderers or eco-assaulters.

Rich Domingue
Oak Grove, Oregon

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