Legalizing pot is the solution

  The war on drugs will only be solved if we legalize marijuana (HCN, 10/31/05: The public lands' big cash crop). Sadly, and hypocritically, the agencies that are supposed to be solving the drug problem look the other way when push comes to shove. They make token arrests while leaving the cartels intact to rake in millions of dollars and assemble arsenals of weapons.

If state and federal policy-makers had more balls, they would legalize pot and tax it, solving their states’ debt problems and keeping innocent people out of prison. Once pot was legal, Mexican cartels would have no reason to grow marijuana on public lands, and their weapons, trash and poaching would disappear.

Policy-makers need to focus on more dangerous drugs, such as meth, which is tearing communities apart. The danger of marijuana is not the plant itself, but the criminal element it draws because we’ve made it illegal.

Grant Wiegert
Benson, Arizona

Mar 27, 2007 03:17 PM

pot helps my stomach problems and helps me get a good night sleep.

It is a part of my pursuit for happiness.

We have lost  our constitutional rights.

freedom is a lie.

drinking kills,but are government dinner parties keep that going.

 heroin, cocaine,drinking,pill addictions, all kills and ruins whole families.

 No one has ever died from pot unless he was stabbed in jail.

has anyone  ever lived through methadone.

I feel the government uses methadone for murdering addicts. 

please do not put pot in same categories as hard drugs..