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Bad science and religion

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In "What’s at stake in the evolution debate," Pepper Trail, Ph.D., tells us there "… is no debate in the scientific world about the validity of evolution … (as an explanation for) … the development and workings of life on Earth" (HCN, 10/3/05: What's at stake in the evolution debate). Wow, at last! Science free of debate and consensus, the key to universal wisdom!

Nor does Pepper display careful reasoning by rejecting "intelligent design" as the reason why existence is logically structured and thus amenable to scientific methodology in the first place. It is through just such intellectual carelessness that the scientific community itself regularly impedes human progress.

No, I don’t suggest anything supernatural, as opposed to evolution, is the source of the cosmos, nor that we should join ranks with leaders that evince themselves frauds. But some form of ultimate reality (to which the word "God" is particularly suitable) is certainly responsible for having in some fashion evolved into existence an organism capable of progressively understanding and articulating the universe of things. Unfortunately, neither religion nor science has yet tested synthesis as a possible solution to their dilemma.

David Brich
Salem, Missouri

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