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Don't 'dumb and numb' readers

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I’m responding to your request to let you know what I think about color photos (HCN, 8/8/05: Dear Friends).

I appreciate HCN for in-depth journalism on natural environmental issues in the West. I think you’re spending money unwisely on color photos when it could be better spent on content. Black-and-white photos illustrate people, tattoos and F-16s adequately (especially when it’s a two-page spread as in the last two issues — you could have put information/words on those pages!).

I vote for more investigative reporting. Pay reporters like Paul Krza an additional $2,000 an issue for articles instead of using it for color photos, and maybe you can get back to good in-depth journalism. I fear you’re contributing to the "dumbing" and numbing of readers — providing pictures instead of content and instead of keeping the focus on informative journalism.

Sandra Hoffman
Ellensburg, Washington

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