No cows, no way

  Dear HCN,

WAKE UP High Country News! How loudly does the land have to scream before you come to your senses? The Western public lands you so graciously sacrifice to the rancher only account for 2-to-3 percent of the annual forage of livestock. Pocket change. Get all cows off public lands permanently and watch 300 million acres undergo a miraculous recovery from the devastating ecological impacts of cattle and sheep.

The West cannot support livestock. I feel you are locked into some sort of moral (and economic) responsibility to preserving a backwards notion that the rancher is a natural part of the Western landscape. Wake up! I say again. No extractive industry should be subsidized at the expense of all that is wild. Any stand that leaves Bovinus atrocitus on the land is a deplorable one.

Tom Fullum

Silver City, New Mexico